Short story: Love Comes as the End.

dead end


As the car tumbled down the cliff, he remembered the ring in his glove compartment. Would they find it? Would she ever know how he felt?

It was ironical, he was thinking about her while plunging towards certain death. She had that kind of effect on him.

As the final impact approached, he said a quick prayer for her and then for himself.

They had met by pure coincidence in college, she had bumped into him while trying to run away from a gang, he had helped her hide while they looked for her. That was many years ago.

She never did give him a chance with her, she was a medical student and didn’t want to start dating as she didn’t want to fail her exams. It had taken him this long to catch her interest, but that didn’t bother him.

She always attracted the wrong kind (except him); a similar situation had led him to this accident.

He tried to recall the events of the past two days, how he had planned to propose to her and how he had bought this expensive ring, diamond studded, he was told, he had to return twice to the shop before he got all the money to pay. Diamonds are said to be hard and almost indestructible, surely the ring would survive the crash.

He had planned a surprise presentation for her, he planned to pick her up at the hospital where she worked and take her to a serene restaurant, where he’d already planned with the management to set the right atmosphere for the proposal. The jazz band was even going to play her favourite ballad while he looked into her eyes and popped the question.

That was now a world away, as shattered glass, leaves and all manner of debris colluded to take the life away from him. His 1999 Toyota Corolla was hardly able to withstand this assault and pummelling; it seemed like the car had been tumbling forever but he knew it was just a few seconds… and in a few more seconds it would all be over.

Fate had indeed dealt him a terrible hand, just when his life was about to get some sort of structure, all had crumbled, and here he was, some seconds to his death thinking about the only girl he’d loved in all his life and who it would seem, didn’t love him.

He recalled how he stood outside her office, just about to place a knock on her door, his heart racing with excitement at his anticipated proposal, then he heard it. What he heard brought his world to a standstill. It was as if he had been shot with a poisoned arrow, in a confused daze he hurried out of the hospital complex into his car, deciding to take a long ride to clear his mind. He saw no need to fasten his seatbelt as he drove towards the city limits.

“What a fool I am, what a fool I’ve been,” he kept saying to himself as the tears streamed down his face. He sobbed so much the tears blurred his vision. He failed to see the truck coming his way.

It was already too late when his vision cleared, he swung sharply to avoid the collision.

The road was too narrow to accommodate such antics. His car somersaulted.


Dr Isabella was very happy, she’d just been off the phone with her brother, who’d announced he would sponsor her and Mark, her boyfriend to Las Vegas if he finally proposed. “Oh I love you! I really do love you!” she had said to her brother in excitement.

She knew Mark, her boyfriend, was soon going to propose, she saw it in his eyes and the way he talked to her. It was just a matter of time, she was very sure.

She’d really given Mark a tough time, all through college, right from the time he’d saved her from that brutal gang till now. She liked him then but claimed she needed to read her books.

But where was he now? he’d promised to come pick her from work and it was getting really late. Where was he?


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