Ladies – If that Doctor proposes today, should you say Yes?

It’s another ‘s day.

Ladies, are you considering that young handsome doctor that took you out last week? What if if chooses to propose today? Well, here are some reasons you may or may not want to respond to his advances.


1. His Medical friends will probably bore you.

2. He will probably bore you.

3. You will spend many nights alone.

4. Nights you do spend together, he may be fast asleep before you say Jack Robinson.

5. You just can’t go on holidays when you feel like or spend weekends together like other couples.

6. You will probably attend a lot of couple events alone, or he may be with you a short while and give an excuse.

7. His beeper or cell phone is not your friend.

8. He will have a lot of trying times especially when preparing for never ending exams.

9. You’re never really sure what he’s doing when he goes for night calls.

10. Many doctors these days are broke.

Okay, just before you run away at the altar, here are some reasons you may want to reconsider.



1. He’ll compensate his lack of spending time with you with a lot of money to splurge at the mall.

2. You don’t have to worry about giving the wrong drugs when your kids run a fever.

3. You have a variety of his Specialist Friends at your beck and call if you have any medical issues.

4. You become a medical authority yourself, your friends run to you to take a look at any rash they have.

5. Doctors are romantic. Period.

6. Doctors are hardworking. Period.

7. He takes your feminine cycle seriously and understands why you may be cranky sometimes.

8. He probably can never be out of employment – he may not be paid much, but he usually always has a job.

9. You and your family can jump any queue for your medical appointments.

10. A lot of doctors these days are rich.

Do you agree? Can you give me other reasons for or against?


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  1. Very true….had alot of perks while growing up. But u forgot to mention that some of them run their homes the same way they run their hospitals…and not all of them are romantic.

  2. Please,can we have a post for men too. With more advantages and less disadvantages. I feel we female doctors,find it harder in the dating field than other females. Thank you.

  3. My husband married me for all of those good reasons. He regrets it for all of the bad ones…

    Just kidding, actually, since he, too, is a doctor. So I guess together we cancel things out.

    Nice take on a doctor's life–male or female. 🙂

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