Fungal Infections – Ringworm / Athlete’s foot (day 2)

athlete's foot


In continuation of our discussion on fungal skin infections

Lets discuss some specific signs and symptoms of particular fungal infections.

Let’s start with or scalp . This causes what looks like a coin or circular lesion on the scalp, it is more common in children.

Sometimes there are several of the lesions on the scalp.

The lesion or rash may start off looking reddish and later become grayish/whitish with scaly patches, there may be itching and loss of hair with the affected person becoming increasingly uncomfortable with his or her appearance.

A similar rash can also occur on the skin and in this case we call it tinea corporis. Other places these affect include the feet, the beard and the nails, these all have similar manifestations.

Athlete’s foot

You may have heard the term athlete’s foot sometime in your life and wondered what it really means.

Does it mean athletes have a special kind of foot or a specific kind of disease?

Well, the name athlete’s foot was derived from the fact that athletes are prone to this infection because the fungi thrive in damp and moist places like shower stalls and pools. They also thrive in tight shoes which are prone to being moist.

How does this condition look? it may occur in the skin between your toes or the sole of your feet, the skin there tears or breaks away and you will see what looks like a sore and whitish scales. Many times it will feel itchy.

Have you noticed any sores between your toes? Join me tomorrow as we discuss general ways to prevent fungal skin infections.


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