Do you want to date or befriend a doctor?

Being a friend, spouse or relative to a doctor one would surely notice one of the following annoying habits:

1. Frequent hand washing

We all know there are germs everywhere but doctors take it to a new level, frequently washing hands. Some even go as far as carrying hand sanitizers when they go out.

2. Staring

When a doctor is looking at you, probably on the bus or in the park, he is probably not admiring you but putting a diagnosis to that skin rash or that swelling you have; he is probably itching to jump up and tell you what he thinks you should do, but he won’t.

3. Remember Patient dates, forget family dates.

A doctor can remember the most minute detail about a patient but forget important dates that have to do with him and his family like anniversaries and child school activities.

4. Most friends are doctors.

A cursory glance at a doctor’s phone contact list will show a long list of Dr this and Dr that, probably taking up about 70 percent of the contacts list.

5. Can fall asleep at will.

Most doctors have no problem falling asleep in the most uncomfortable place or unusual time, probably due to their long reading hours and call duties .

6. Always talking medicine at events.

Closely related to No. 4, Doctors are usually poor conversationists, they always tend to float towards the direction they are most comfortable with: Medicine.

7. Death no big deal.

Doctors are usually carefree when talking about death sometimes forgetting the person being spoken to may be sensitive not being as exposed to death as they are.

8. Marrying each other.

Really had to consider before adding this, but yes I did.

Do you agree?


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