Acne – Dos and Don’ts (Day 2).

Do's and Don'ts

Acne – Dos and Don’ts

We’ve been talking about acne, but before talking about treatment, it is important to know what harmful habits we practice as regards and what we can do.


let’s talk about things you shouldn’t do when you have acne.

  1. Don’t squeeze, pop, open or slit a ;
  2. Don’t rub it, just leave it alone.
  3. Don’t pick at it when you are bored.
  4. When washing your face don’t use extreme temperatures like very hot or very cold water.
  5. Some people use hard sponges and strong soaps to scrub their skin, this will not help.
  6. Some use beauty products like , exfolliants, astringents. You should avoid these except your dermatologist tells you otherwise.
  7. There are some creams and beauty products that cover your pores when you apply them, avoid using these. Let your skin breathe. Are you guilty of any of these?


Let’s discuss things you should do.

  1. For the ladies, after a hectic day, you shouldn’t be too tired to remove your makeup, wash your face twice daily using lukewarm water.
  2. You can also use a mild cleanser.
  3. Check the products you are using for your skin, if you have dry skin use creams that do not smell and are water based not oil based.
  4. Do you shave your face? Be careful when shaving and shave in the right way. All these are helpful things you can do if you have acne. Join me tomorrow as we talk about treatment of acne.Remember: If in Nigeria, to subscribe for my daily audio health topics  kindly sms DG or Gabby to 2656 Airtel and 9mobile lines.Stay Healthy!
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