DEPRESSION- it’s not what you think (Day 1).

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Understanding Depression

Welcome to Check. Let’s talk about depression.

A lot of people we meet everyday and sometimes we ourselves are not really as happy as we would like others to believe.

For some people it is obvious that all is not well, others do a great job in hiding it. There is nothing wrong with this in itself.

In 2012 was the second leading cause of death among teens and young adults aged 15 -29 worldwide.

Suicide could be a consequence of .

What exactly is depression? What are the signs? How can we recognise the signs in ourselves and people around us? Is feeling sad the same thing?

What is it like to be depressed?

Depression is defined as having a ;  anybody can be depressed, but this should be short lived and shouldn’t overwhelm you.

It becomes a clinical problem when it affects your ability to function normally in your day to day existence and in society.

You may lack interest and be indifferent to things that usually interest you.

If you start withdrawing from society , preferring to stay indoors, staring into space or crying with little provocation, you may be depressed.

There can be mood swings or substance abuse. Children may be irritable or stop performing well at school.

Have you noticed any of these symptoms in yourself or someone around you?

Depression causes.

Certainly we live in difficult times and face situations that can tilt one to depression without knowing how to cope.

These situations may include the loss of a loved one, this may be a spouse, a child or even multiple members of a family at once e.g. in a disaster.

Employment and financial problems like inability to get a job or to pay one’s rent.

Health and relationship problems like a sudden fatal diagnosis or divorce.

Sometimes having a family member who suffers from depression puts one more at risk for developing it.

Chemical changes in the brain can also cause depression.

Do you possess any of these risk factors?

Do you suspect yourself or a relative has depression?

Who should you see or what tests should you do?

Depression who to see.

You can start by seeing your GP who will refer you to a psychiatrist if necessary.  A psychiatrist is just a doctor who specialises in issues.

You have nothing to be afraid of.

Join me tomorrow as we discuss how to prevent depression.

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Here’s wishing you a great day! Stay healthy.


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