Practical solutions to treat sleep disorders

treating sleep disorders


What Do You Do when you can’t fall asleep?

In continuation of our discussion about sleep disorders, let’s talk about Some general measures one can take to improve quality of sleep, these include

1. Cutting out caffeine drinks In the evening e.g. coffee, tea, cola drinks. Preferable is drinking a warm glass of milk.

2.Stop smoking,

3.Cut down your alcohol intake,

4.Have a bath before going to bed.

5.Dim or put off your bedroom lights,

6.Do not use your mobile devices e.g. tablets and phones while in bed, remove your TV from your bedroom.

All these measures will go a long way in improving your sleep.

Is there any one you are prepared to try?

Another important one is having a regular schedule, this cannot be over stated.

Exercise has many advantages apart from keeping you fit, it aids metabolism, helps your muscles to relax, reduces anxiety among others.

However it may be better not to do it in the evenings.

Also, if you can, reduce your naps during the day, this may diminish the quality of your night sleep.

Have scheduled times for going to sleep and waking up.

Learn .

How do you fix a sleep disorder?

Treatment of established cases of sleep disorder will depend on the underlying cause if one can be found, this is why full details must be given to your doctor about the origin and progress of your complaint.

If a medical or psychiatric condition can be found e.g. heart disease, depression, then that condition is treated.

If it is a drug that is causing it, e.g. Blood pressure or psychiatric drug, the drug is stopped or changed.

Sometimes sleep medications may be used for a period of time.

I really hope you’ve learnt a thing or two? Join me tomorrow for a new topic. This is wishing you a great day.

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