The Blind Spot Movie Review featuring Rita Dominic

blind spot movie

*Contains a few spoilers*

When I read the summary of this movie I must confess I expected it to be quite straightforward,

A thrilling story concerning a young lady who got married to the love of her life. They were never able to consummate their marriage due to the fact that her husband had an issue which they thought was medical.”

Very straightforward summary, immediately what came to my mind was one of the actors would be blind and at the end it would be found to be due to juju; I prepared to be disappointed if that would turn out to be what the story was about.

I entered the cinema sceptical, waiting for the first scene to see a blind man being led by his girlfriend.

I was pleasantly disappointed.

This was not going to be a story about blindness, I sunk deeper into my seat expectant for a good story.

The movie is played by and as the lead actors

Rita( Ekemini) an orphan, raised by her grand mother had been saving herself for marriage and it was just a few weeks to the D day, surprisingly it is at this point she offers her man Femi (Ayo) a 30 day break for him to chill out and have fun with his boys. But on one condition. No sex.

As would be expected, the liberated man immediately explores his new found freedom and goes on a night out with his friends where duh! He is set up with a stripper who he takes home and sleeps with on his soon to be matrimonial bed.

From this point the acting goes pretty much downhill and never fully recovers. The unconvincing pole dancing sets off a series of really terrible acting. Though the lead actors still put in quite a performance, it is not enough.

He enjoys himself and it is time for her to go. But there’s a little problem. She has fallen in love with him. He pleads for her to go and before she eventually leaves she curses his little man.

Ayo gets married to Ekemini and from this point things begin to take an unfortunate turn for him. From his first night with his chasis virgin he is unable to perform, his flesh becomes weak literally.

This is where my interest is again aroused (excuse the pun), this is going to be a great story about .

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

ED is simply the inability to maintain a sustained erection for the purpose of sexual activity.

This little problem begins a cascade of events that leads to the destruction of the marriage and a gruesome murder.

The story highlights the problems a couple with erectile dysfunction face- lack of self esteem, frequent arguments and fights, loss of trust and the seeking of help from both credible and incredible sources. We see Ayo trying to explain that “It’s just a temporary setback” while Ekemini flies into a rage and tells him “We’ve been married for a month and we’ve not been able to make love cos your little man won’t wake up!”

The movie attempts to explain that sometimes there might be no apparent cause of erectile dysfunction, it may be due to some performance anxiety and guilt, but with a  little cooperation, sincerity and understanding between the couple it can be overcome, even without drugs.

But here again, the script failed to use a remarkable opportunity to educate us on the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The apparent cause of the problem was not the guilt of sleeping with a stripper, not that the man had medical issues e.g Diabetes, not that he was  on anti hypertensive drugs; the cause of all the problems was a cursed bead the woman had been wearing.

A cursed waist bead to prevent rape.

That was it.

I must say I wasn’t too happy.

Have you seen the movie? What do you think about it?

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