Just one more time, if I could
If it were possible, for me to do
Somehow to get up from under
This weight that holds me down
One more time to make things right.

Just one more time, please I beg you
To be free of these tubes and all these fluids
coursing through my veins, breaking me down
just a word
I need to say.

Just one more time, don’t deny me this
Now I know, a miracle it is
Waking up and hearing their laughter
The children playing, they angered me then
One more time, is that too much to ask?

Just one more time, out of this bed
To smell the roses, and see the sun
To feel the rain that fills the earth
To greet the neighbours, each and every one
one more time is all I pray.

Just one more time is all I ask for
To hold her hand and say it’s okay
To see her eyes, the sparkles of grey
To say thank you for all those times
Just one more time will make it right.

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