How Smoking, Weight Problems Lead to Female Infertility and Treatment (Day 2)



Lifestyle causes of female infertility

We’ve been talking about causes of female infertility.

The following  factors  may be contributory.


2. Smoking – Smoking of tobacco and cigarettes may affect hormone production and maturation of the ovary. Smokers are far more likely to experience infertility than non smokers.

3. Body weight disorders – Being too underweight or overweight may affect the amount of produced and thereby affect the menstrual cycle and lead to infertility.

How do you get tested for female infertility?

What tests should a woman dealing with infertility do?
Before starting tests it is important to know when you ovulate, you can go back to our previous discussion on ovulation for this.
Furthermore, you  should give the doctor a good history of your condition. He will want to know  what age you started menstruating, whether you have ever been pregnant etc.
The doctor will also need to perform a physical examination before requesting for tests.
Tests requested will range from some general tests like urine analysis to specific tests.

Some specific tests done to find out the cause of female infertility include a hormonal profile, this is a blood test to check levels of some hormones necessary for reproduction and fertility.
Another test is a ultrasound scan, this shows the reproductive structures like the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries.

A scan will show if there are tumours, cysts and fibroids.
A hysterosalpingogram popularly called may also be done. This tests shows if the tubes are patent or blocked.
This list is by no means exhaustive. You may do more or less tests depending on the doctor’s suspicions.

How to reverse infertility in females

So how can one treat infertility in a woman? You will need to see a doctor, preferably a gynaecologist for proper management. Treatment will depend on the cause of infertility.

You may be given Antibiotics if there is an infection.

Ovulation drugs to stimulate ovulation.

Hormonal drugs for hormone  problems, these may be in form of contraceptives.
Surgery is done in cases like tube bllockage.

Remember it takes a man and woman to achieve a viable pregnancy.

In conclusion, it is important not to lose hope, if you’ve been trying for a while, keep on trying.

Assisted reproductive techniques like in vitro fertilization  may be helpful to some couples. It involves introduction of a sperm to an egg outside the body and returning the fertilised embryo to the womb for the woman to carry till birth.
There are certain clinics that do this in Nigeria. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you do this under the supervision of a gynaecologist.

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