Why Nigerian Men are becoming less fertile.




Fertility in Nigeria

Nigeria used to be a country where the average household boasted of 4, 5, 6, 7 or more children. Now most households have 1 or 2 children.  Is this as a result of increasing education, awareness and globalization or are simply becoming less fertile?

It is no longer news that the causes of infertility are now almost equally divided between men and women.  No longer does the belief hold true that women are usually the ones at fault when a couple is unable to achieve a pregnancy.

In order to test your fertility as a man, you need to do a semen analysis.

Your sperm concentration, its volume, shape and movement  will be checked.


Did you know?

A problem with any of these parameters may lead to infertility.

In the 1940s, most young men routinely produced an average of 100 million sperm cells/ml of semen, this is more than enough to fertilise a woman without stress, now if you produce 20 million sperm you are a hero man.

This predicated this study which was carried out in a fertility centre in Lagos.

100 men who came for fertility treatment in 2003 were studied, their semen quality was compared with that for similar men who came for treatment in 2013.

The semen quality of the 2003 set was much better than that for the 2013 set.

Causes of fertlity decline in Nigerian men

It would be difficult to pin point exactly what has led to reduced fertility in our men.

It may be economic factors.

The rising stress levels of today could contribute.

Our pursuit to imitate  western culture in their diet and way of life e.g alcohol drinking, inactivity and smoking may also be responsible.

We are also becoming more industrialized and exposed to more harmful chemicals, rays and toxins which may affect sperm production.

Another thing to consider is our use of mobile phone technology and laptops close to our crotch.

Albeit, this is just conjecture and a focused study needs to be done to find the causes and solutions to this trend.


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