Where is our Doctor?

Where is our Doctor?

The doctor won’t be in today

He has gone away

Leaving his stethoscope and bag

Tossed in the trash like a rag.


Where is our Doctor?

He has gone to a foreign land

A land he will be hard to find

A land of milk and honey

A land of equal opportunity.


Why didn’t he say goodbye?

Doesn’t he realise we would all cry

Doesn’t he realise some will even die

He must hate us so much

To have left in such a rush.


What did you say? I shouldn’t have left?

I was there but you never saw me

Suffered long hours but you never thanked me

Nursed you but all you did was curse

You got well but all you did was fuss.


What did you say? I shouldn’t have left?

But my brothers there you treat just the same

Everyday, they bow their heads in shame

Trying to survive with the little you give

They do their best to make your people live.



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  1. How many patients will thank you?Especially those in the elitist private hospitals. At least if we are not appreciated in words, we should be appreciated in cash and other benefits.
    Sometimes I wish I did something else.
    Kudos! Makes good sense!

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