Menstruation. What is Normal? What is Abnormal? (Day 1)


What is normal menstruation?

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Today we start a new topic, and ovulation.

Menstruation is simply the result of shedding of the lining of the womb in a woman.

It occurs when an egg is unfertilized.

This happens every month.

On the average, women menstruate every 21-35 days.

The blood has various shades of red and different levels of consistency.

Some women have heavy flow while others have a light flow, this is normal.

On the average, about 80mls of blood is lost during menstruation, this is about a third of an average cup.

This is what we consider normal menstruation.

What is irregular menstruation?

Let’s look at abnormal menstruation.

There are various forms abnormal menstruation may take.

One is a change in how long the blood flows and the quantity.

Another is the duration between cycles – it could be months apart or quite frequently in one month.

Another abnormality is bleeding between periods.

Finally, there is absent or delayed menstruation.

 What  causes irregular or delayed menstruation?

Let’s take absent or delayed menstruation. We know that when menstruation is delayed or absent, pregnancy is the first thing to think of; have you done a pregnancy test? When this has been ruled out we need to look at other causes.

It can be as a result of hormonal changes brought about when a woman gains or loses weight rapidly or if a woman is under stress e.g. bereavement, relationship problems etc.
Heavy menstrual flow may be caused by conditions such as fibroid. Here you may find you use more pads or pads are soaked more than usual.

Also, a change in the may be caused by pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). Here there may be a fever and lower abdominal pain.

Another possible cause of abnormal menses is the use of contraceptives.

This list is by no means exhaustive.

Can you identify a possible cause from the above?

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