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Wedding Party 2 Review

** Contains Spoilers **

What is a review of Wedding Party 2 doing on a health blog?

Since this is a health blog I can’t do a total review of Wedding Party 2 as much as I am itching to do, so I will restrict myself to only the scenes that involve health. This revolves around the character played by , ‘s wife who was pregnant.

We are not told how many weeks or months pregnant she was but one can hazard a guess that she was in her late second trimester or early third trimester. We’ll come back to this later.

I must say at this point I thoroughly enjoyed the movie despite not so rave reviews on twitter. The doctor (and writer) in me enjoyed and noticed a few things .

Top moments for me

I must say Adesua Etomi played a very believable role as a newly pregnant woman, although sometimes in the movie one tended to forget, such as the scene she trailed her husband to a night club ostensibly looking for a place to pee.

She remembered to place her arms one above and one below her baby bump as we see pregnant women do everywhere, she also remembered to walk with her feet apart as pregnant women who are far advanced do.

I love such attention to detail.

played her role as a typical expectant Nigerian grandmother flawlessly. From telling her daughter to walk very gently to always making sure there was a pillow for her to rest her back.

She absolutely killed it in the final scene after hearing her precious daughter was in labour. She bounded up a downgoing escalator and raced through the hospital corridors in a frenzy knocking everything and everyone away from her path as she searched for the labour room. Typical Nigerian mother. Classic!

Another scene that did it for me was Adesua announcing  to Somkhele that her water just broke. Their facial expressions were priceless.

Low moments for me

I had problems understanding the progress of Adesua’s pregnancy.  We see the family afraid she would soon reach the point she could no longer travel, so I would assume she was below 32 weeks which is the safest time to travel if you are carrying twins( more on this later.)

So if she was travelling one month after the introduction where she was far below 32 weeks, and the wedding took place one month later, then it is safe to assume she gave birth far before 37 weeks? That brings us to the question that nagged my mind.

Were Adesua’s babies preterm?

A preterm birth is a baby born alive before completing 37 weeks of pregnancy.

Adesua had twins.

How could the importance of this major detail be so glossed over by the producers? Adesua coming from an extremely wealthy family didn’t have a scan done throughout pregnancy? Not even as a pre- requirement before boarding the plane to Dubai.

How do I know this?

Simple, no one in the movie knew she was having twins as it came as a surprise when Banky W made the announcement to the families. Banky himself  was surprised and overjoyed.

Now to the last part of my critique

The Dubai doctors

I don’t understand what they were doing, whether they were delivering a woman or just watching her deliver herself.   There were two doctors, or a doctor and a nurse. Or two nurses. I don’t know which was which. One was a totally passive observer and one appeared to be trying to do something. I have a feeling they were not allowed to touch anything in the grand hospital or they just didn’t know what to do with all the equipment around them. After the delivery Shola Shobowale profusely thanked the totally passive observer for a job well done.

So there it is. I didn’t expect my review to be this long.

Have you seen Wedding Party 2. What do you think?

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