Treating STDS – day 4



Yesterday we talked about STD testing.

So how do we go about treatment?

STD treatment at home?

Please don’t attempt treating yourself at home.

These conditions can be easily treated using a course of drugs, see a doctor who will prescribe the most appropriate ones for you based on the tests you’ve done and your clinical state.

Antibiotics for STDs?

are the drugs of choice for treating STDs. Treatment for chlamydia may require a 7 days course of antibiotics while Gonorrhea may be treated with a single dose combination of antibiotics.

Can I resume sex immediately?

Please wait at least 7 days after taking drugs before you resume sexual activity. It is imperative to have your partner treated or you face the risk of re-infection.

What happens if I don’t properly treat Gonorrhea or chlamydia?

In women there is risk of spread of the infection to other reproductive organs leading to pelvic inflammatory disease.

There is also risk of  ectopic pregnancy and infertility.

A pregnant mother can transmit these infections to her baby putting it at risk of blindness.

In men there is a risk of pain and swelling within the scrotum. This isn’t good.

Can I be completely cured?

The good news here is that with proper treatment, one can expect a complete resolution of symptoms. However, if there has been a permanent damage done as a result of the disease process e.g. blindness or damage to the tubes this is another matter entirely.

It is necessary here to stress the importance of , all sexual partners should be contacted and urged to go for treatment.

What do you think about this?

How do I prevent these STDs?

1. Abstain from any form of sex

2. Avoid multiple sexual partners

3. Be faithful to one partner and vice versa

4. Use a condom

5. Iinform your sexual partners, this includes those you have had vaginal, anal or oral sex with.

If you are not sure about anything, before exposing yourself to risk, ask at a health centre or reproductive health clinic around you.

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