Tests and Treatment for Menstrual and Ovulation Problems (Day 4).

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How is a woman’s Fertility tested?

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We have been talking about problems with menstruation and ovulation.

Today, we will discuss the tests a woman can undergo to confirm if there is any irregularity with their periods or ovulation.

The tests required will depend on the particular problem.

These tests could be a which is to view the female reproductive organs.

Another is a for vaginal discharge and infections.

A hormonal profile test  to check if the problem is with her hormones.

Sometimes more specialised tests like a ct scan and biopsy may be required.

If you are having any irregularities with your periods or ovulation, please speak to your doctor.

Treatment for menstrual and Ovulation disorders

Let’s talk about treatment options for menstrual and ovulation problems.

Generally, treatment will depend on what has been identified to be the problem through the diagnostic tests conducted.

These treatment options may range from just counselling and reassurance that nothing is wrong to antibiotics for infections, contraceptive drugs for hormonal problems and even surgery for problems such as .

It is advisable to see a doctor, preferably a gynaecologist for management of such problems.

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