Poverty and Disease

Poverty and disease

Hand in hand they walk,

Indivisible, impossible to tell apart

A terror to many

wrecking havoc along their path.


Without gun or sword

Without bomb or bullet

They strike!

A deadly duet.


They can’t exist in isolation

A weird symbiosis

Needing each other to exist

Crippling a nation’s resources.


A mother loses her child

They lurk in the shadows, grinning

A child loses her mother

They are salivating.


What can be done?

To rid the world of these two

Unfortunately, the answer lies

In the hands of a privileged few.


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  1. Oh Dr E the image is harrowing and has brought tears to my eyes.

    And the privileged few has a lot to answer for…how can they sleep at night? Power and money often blind leaders to the plight of their people…out of sight is out of mind.

    Anna :o[

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