DAY1: Gonorrhea and Chlamydia – What is the difference between an STI and STD?



Is there a difference between STIs and STDs?

Welcome to Daily Health Check,  have you ever wondered if there is a difference between an STI and an STD?

A sexually transmitted infection or STI is a broader term that describes any infection that is acquired through the act of engaging in sexual activity, this may or may not manifest in a change in how the body functions.

When there is a change in the normal function of the body then we describe it as a sexually transmitted disease.

One question we should ask at this point is what constitutes ?

Let’s reflect on this a bit.

What is sexual contact?

Do you have an answer for me? Does lying together only or kissing without penetrative sex constitute sexual contact?

For ease of understanding, any sexual act between two people that can allow an infection to be passed is sexual contact, this includes infections that can be passed just by skin contact, oral sex etc. There doesn’t need to be penetration.

That brings us to our main discussion, we will be talking about and infections.

Evil Twins? Gonorrhea and Chlamydia.

They are both caused by bacteria, these tiny organisms gain entry to the body through sex with an infected individual.

The thing about these organisms is that they may be in an individual without showing any symptom but when transmitted to another, the other person may come down with symptoms of the disease.

Do you engage in risky sexual behaviour? Now is the time to stop.

Join me tomorrow as we discuss risky behaviours.

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