Diabetes Prevention and Reversing Diabetes(Day 3)


Diabetes Prevention Tips

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Let’s talk about how to prevent diabetes.

Diabetes can develop in an individual due to various factors.

One, it could be genetic- that is a situation where it runs in the family.

It could also be due to a combination of lifestyle factors such as lack of physical activity and .

Some of the ways an individual can prevent diabetes include

1. live an active life.

2. Exercise and lose weight if you are overweight.

Treatment for diabetes

Just as we discussed on the subject of hypertension, lifestyle modifications is the first major step in the treatment of diabetes.

This involves losing weight, exercising and eating a healthy diet. These are what one should do when looking for a .

A lot of people are worried when they are told they have to change their diet, but a is really a healthy diet for the whole population.

Essentially it involves removing things such as processed sugars and reducing carbohydrate portions.

It also involves including more vegetables and fruits in one’s diet.

There are good hospitals that have dieticians that can help you with this.

join me again tomorrow as we continue this discussion on treatment.

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