Best Headache Relief – Methods and Treatment (Day 2).


Headache Relief Tips.

Welcome To Check. We’ve been talking about Headaches and migraine.

So what can you do if you have frequent migraine and headaches?

Remember we talked about some things that trigger headaches and migraine such as stress.

learn to take time out to relax.

Balance your work and home life.

Manage your emotions, don’t let things get to you unduly.

Alcohol products and tobacco are another trigger. These are things you should watch out for.

Headache treatments.

There are different ways to approach treatment of headaches, not everyone will like to use drugs, however sometimes it may become inevitable .

Some non drug measures that may help include :

  • Using ice or hot packs
  • and
  • Exercise and of course
  • Sleep. Take time for a siesta, if necessary you can use your break time for this, I’m sure your boss won’t mind.

Massaging is another method that may be used to relieve headaches, here the head, neck and shoulders are gently massaged.

What medicine is good for headache?

There are drugs you can buy over the counter that can help relieve minor headaches, these include drugs like and , be careful of over using such drugs as some of these drugs can in themselves induce headaches.

It is advisable to see a doctor whenever you have severe or recurrent headaches and migraine. There are specific drugs that are prescribed for these conditions, a lot with side effects so they have to be prescribed under the watchful eyes of a doctor preferably a neurologist who is a specialist in such conditions.

I hope you now have a better understanding of headaches. Join me tomorrow as we begin a new topic.

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Here’s wishing you a great day. Stay healthy.

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