Are Doctors Promiscuos?

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Are Doctors Promiscuos?

According to Wikipedia,   is the practice of having casual sex frequently with different partners or being indiscriminate in the choice of sexual partners.

I had to take some time to ponder this question. Male doctors may be especially more prone than female doctors to be flirts probably because of the nature of medical school; by the time a female doctor graduates, her biological clock has already started ticking and there is little time for unserious behaviour.

Before I answer if doctors are promiscuous, let me give the reasons why they MAY BE promiscuous.

Why Doctors may be promiscuos.

1. The stress of medical school

Medical School puts a lot of stress on any person, and if this is not properly handled, a ready outlet of frustration could be in promiscuity.

2. The duration of medical school 

Like a bird set free from a cage (see angry birds), once doctors are released from medical school, they suddenly feel all the inhibitions loosening and are ready to explore what they missed.

3. People open up to Doctors

Doctors are good listeners which may be interpreted as caring, and they’ve seen you when you are most vulnerable. A patient or a patient’s relative can easily fall for a caring doctor.

4. Held to high esteem

A doctor/ medical student is quite respected by many peers, and dating one (in some cases) is seen as a choice pick.

5. Money to burn

Well, a Doctor that is ready to splurge his hard earned money can easily get a bevy of admirers.

6. Late Nights

Call Duty is a ready excuse for any overnight rendevouz.

So there you have it – but I’m not done yet, I have to give the other side of the argument- and this is the group I stand with

Why Doctors are not Promiscuos.

1. They’ve seen it all

Beauty is only skin deep, and medicine is a profession that recognises this.

2. They’re too busy

Too busy making money, too busy caring for their patients, or too busy writing exams.

3. They are aware of the risks of promiscuity

They see the consequences of STDs and the likes.

4. A lot of times they are nerds

Oh Oh, I didn’t just say that did I?

5. The duration of medical school

They are usually more mature when they finish school, and besides, most of their peers would be married.

Specialties at risk of promiscuity

A doctor is more prone to be promiscuos if he or she works in:

Obstetrics and Gynecology

General Surgery

Family medicine

In that order.


Do you agree?


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  1. Hmmm, the term 'promiscuous' doesn't exactly come to mind when I think of the colleagues I've worked with over the years. Most were married, over-worked, and carrying plenty of responsibilities. Then again, if one were to believe television shows like "Grey's Anatomy," people would assume hanky panky was all doctors did. Perhaps I entered the wrong specialty? 😉

  2. I wonder whether docs really are more promiscuous…?

    there are things about certain docs that make patients fall in love with them…

    although I have often wondered whether those in obs&gynae are turned off by the very nature of their work…

    Anna :o]

  3. I agree this happens a lot among the younger doctors. Due to the profession, doctors are privy to a lot of personal info, if you have the time and care to listen. This can be mistaken for interest. My question is- if a doctor enjoys promiscuity, at what point will he/she stop? The Exposure to 'temptation' continues until you stop practising or drop dead (whichever comes 1st!)

  4. It is very interesting to read the comments about being 'open to temptation' because people open up to doctors. I once made friends with a female doctor who was friends with my boyfriend. I indeed implicitly trusted her and opened up to her, because of all of the cliches about doctors being trustworthy and responsible, and because part of her job was 'people skills', which she obviously honed at work so she seemed a very affable, honest person. Turned out she was knocking off my boyfriend… So I can see that there is indeed a clear presumed trust towards doctors that can open doors for them, even in friendships, as well as romantically. But obviously, whether the doctor chooses to take advantage of them, is a matter of their personal integrity.

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