AD: Welcome to Ask A Doctor WhatsApp Portal. Your totally anonymous medical consulting service.
SN009: Hello doc, I have a problem that’s been bothering me.
AD: That’s why we are here, to cater to all your medical concerns.
SN009: I think I may be depressed.
AD: I’m sorry you feel that way, why do you think you are depressed?
SN009: Lately I find no joy in anything and I find myself crying a lot.
AD: Sorry about that, can you tell me a little more about yourself?
SN009: I thought your advert said this is an anonymous service?
AD: It is; I don’t want anything specific, just general details.
SN009: I’m over 25, married, unemployed, with no kids.
AD: So you say you’ve been crying a lot, any particular reason?
SN009: I don’t really know, I just feel……tired, I seem to have lost interest in…. everything.
AD: What sort of things did you have interest in?
SN009: I used to like cooking, swimming and watching movies.
AD: And now you don’t do those things anymore?
SN009: Well, I cook just because I have to and especially for my husband but I have no joy in it.
AD: I see
SN009: Most times I cook I don’t even eat the food.
AD: Have you lost weight?
SN009: Lots of weight, I’m down 3 dress sizes
AD: What does your husband say about all this?
SN009: He doesn’t say anything.
AD: Nothing at all?
SN009: Nothing, he’s always so busy and absorbed at work, I wouldn’t really like to bother him, and he’s trying his best.
AD: Have you confided in anyone before now, maybe friends?
SN009: I don’t have any more friends since I got married.
AD: And you’re not willing to talk to your husband?
SN009: My husband doesn’t listen.
AD: Are you willing to try?
SN009: Sorry doc, I’d rather we don’t talk about him, at least for now…
AD: I see. Is this your first time seeking counseling?
SN009: Yes it is. It isn’t something I would usually do.
AD: Well you made a good decision there, how did you learn about this service?
SN009: I saw your advert in one of the popular blogs.
AD: Alright, back to you, I would like to ask you a few more questions
SN009: What would you like to know doc?
AD: Have you ever tried to harm yourself?
SN009: Yes, once I was cutting yam and I wondered how it would feel if I just sliced off my wrist
AD: I see, and did you do it?
SN009: The knife was too blunt.
AD: And have you tried again after that?
SNOO9: Today would have been my second try but somehow I stumbled on your advert.
AD: I’m glad you did.
SN009: So doc, do you think I’m depressed?
AD: It is quite early to say right now, could be you’re just reacting abnormally to stresses around you.
AD: Hello
AD: Are you there madam?
SN009: Yes I am…my mind just wandered for a bit.
AD: Can you tell me a bit about your childhood or growing up?
SN009: I had a happy childhood, lots of play, lots of sunshine.
AD: Do you miss your childhood?
SN009: Yes I do, I wish I could go back.
AD: What exactly do you miss?
SN009: I miss all the freedom, appreciation, admiration; I was quite good looking you know.
AD: I’m sure you are and from the way you write you are very well educated too.
SN009: Oh thank you doc, that’s really nice of you to say.
AD: You know we all go through stuff but it is all about the way we handle it, do you have a mirror there?
SN009: Yes doctor, I do.
AD: Look into it what do you see?
SN009: I see a little lady tired of life.
AD: No. You see a petite lady, beautiful on the inside and outside, with an amazing spirit, on her way to getting it right. Can you do me a favour?
SN009: What is it doc?
AD: Smile into the mirror
SN009: You want me to smile?
AD: Yes please
SN009: Okay, I’m smiling now, what next?
AD: Can you see your teeth?
SN009: No.
AD: Please smile showing your teeth.
SN009: Hahaha Doctor you’re funny. Okay I’m seeing my teeth now.
AD: Now what do you see?
SN009: I see a beautiful young lady, looking tired but still beautiful.
AD: That’s it! Life is just about perspectives; we need to change your perspective on life.
SN009: Hmm Doc I see what you’re saying, you’re such a great counselor, I feel better already. Are you married?
AD: Umm ……Yes I am
SN009: Your wife must be very lucky
AD: Yes she is. We have a great relationship.
SN009: Wow I envy her.
AD: Would you be willing to see a counselor if I recommend one for you?
SN009: I would have to give that a bit more thought, before then can I continue this service?
AD: Yes, why not? Remember we are always here for you on Ask a doctor whatsApp portal; you can share all your cares, fears and anxieties with us.
SN009: So doctor can I ask you a question?
AD: Sure why not?
SN009: What do you see when you look in a mirror?
AD: Hahaha, you’re turning the tables on me are you not?
SN009: Lol
AD: Lol. I promise to have a mirror around for next time you contact us.
SN009: Tomorrow?
AD: That’s fine.
SN009: Thank you doc, looking forward to another chat tomorrow, do have a good night, I feel better already.

That night, Dr Ade got home, tired and spent he went straight to his room, threw his jacket on the edge of the bed and went into the shower. He heard his wife Yemi, call out to him, he knew she had placed his meal on the table. He came out of the shower, headed straight to the table barely acknowledging her greetings. He ate his meal and headed to bed.
Yemi joined him there and laid on her side of the bed, the lights were turned off so he didn’t notice what she was doing; his mind was on other things.

Ever since he’d started the anonymous WhatsApp medical counseling sessions, he’d never been so enamored with a client in such a short time, however SN009 seemed like a lovely soul and he started wondering if he could breach professional boundaries and obtain her number; he could already imagine how she would look, deep sorrowful dark eyes, a lithe figure and her soft trembling hands as she typed away on the phone, he drifted into a pleasant sleep thinking about her.

Yemi on the other hand, was lying still and quiet, she wasn’t yet asleep. She sat up suddenly and wiped her face as a smile crept slowly to her lips. She had made a friend today, albeit online, with whom she could talk.
Just then a thought hit her, what if it would be another person to respond to her tomorrow?
The solution was simple.
She would simply request for AD.
She smiled as she also drifted into a pleasant sleep.

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  1. Lots of couples going through similar experience…not communicating within their home but finding solace elsewhere. In this case, right under her nose…and his. Communication is so key in marriage, and relationships.

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