DAY 3: Myths and Testing for HIV

Going for HIV test

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Can HIV be transmitted by mosquitoes?

Let’s discuss some common myths about HIV.

One funny one is that HIV can be transmitted by mosquitoes, I can tell you for a fact that this isn’t true.

I also read of a broadcast which said a virgin acquired HIV by eating a watermelon. HIV cannot be packaged into drinks and toiletries by evil people.

All these are complete fallacies.

What myths have you heard?

How do I go about Testing for HIV?

The first step to check whether one actually has HIV is usually the hardest and understandably so. There is usually some trepidation to taking the test from first timers who keep thinking, ‘what if it is positive?’

Before taking an HIV test you should be adequately counselled and whatever fears you have should be properly addressed. This is a process called voluntary counseling and testing. Your permission should always be obtained before carrying out a HIV test on you except in special conditions like a coma where a family member with authority may give consent.

What If I test Positive?

What happens if you test positive for HIV?

It is important you don’t become despondent. A confirmatory test will still need to be done as it is possible for you to have a false positive result. If it is still positive after this, you shouldn’t lose hope as it is not a death sentence.

The next thing to do will be to register at a HIV or haematology clinic where  management will commence. You will do further tests at the clinic to determine the level of the virus in your  body and what other systems have been affected.

Have you done an HIV test? why not go for one today.

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