DAY 1: HIV – Some Alarming Statistics

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I’m sure there isn’t any of us that hasn’t heard of HIV, a lot of us have different images in our head when HIV is mentioned.
In 2015 There were about 36.7 million people worldwide living with HIV/AIDS according to UNAIDS, that is about the population of a country like Iraq or Canada and much more than the population of Ghana!
That tells you that HIV is a global health burden.

Also, from available statistics there are about 3.5 million people living with HIV in Nigeria of which about 3.2 million are adults 15 and over, while women constitute about 1.9 million according to the UNAIDS.
According to the National Agency for the control of AIDS, the state with the highest prevalence is Rivers State followed by Taraba and Kaduna States, this may be due to the high prevalence of risky behaviour in such places.
Thankfully there is more awareness going on.
HIV means Human Immunodeficiency virus. This essentially means a virus that decreases your ability to fight off infections leaving you open to infections.
Are you HIV conscious?
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Join me tomorrow as we talk about how HIV is transmitted.
Stay healthy!

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