Aisha Buhari and the Aso Rock Clinic Cabal

“There is a new disease in town called monkey pox.”

“Really? Just like Ebola?”

“Well, not exactly.”

” I remember that time when banks and schools were checking people’s temperatures and providing taps to wash hands.”

“Yes, we were quite health sensitive then, and the government was placed on her toes, but lately we’ve had some outbreaks like lassa Fever and cholera and we’ve been a bit overwhelmed.”

” I hear Lassa fever is caused by rats but I was in a government hospital the other day and I saw large rats running around.”

“Don’t worry, the rats have been technically defeated, they no longer have the capacity to mount conventional attacks on the populace.”

” I have my worries about this government’s ability to fight this monkey pox”

“Young man, you don’t know what you’re saying, do you know how much the government has budgeted for health this year?

“You mean for the health of the president?”

“Young man, what are you talking about?”

“I hear 3.2 billion naira was budgeted for the Aso rock clinic.”

“And so?”

“But Mr President doesn’t use it. He’d rather go to his doctors in London”

“And so?”

“Is it not too much for a clinic?”

“Young man, do you know what a clinic is?”

“Yes, it is a place used to provide health services to patients, what could they possibly need 3.2 billion naira for?

“Young man, we are talking about Aso Rock, don’t you know the president needs a first class clinic with state of the art facilities to serve him and the Aso Rock staff?”

“But I hear there are no syringes there and the Xray machine is faulty.”

“And so?”

“But sir, if they can’t maintain it, why not pump the money into the teaching hospital in Abuja.”

“My friend do you want the president to go to a public teaching hospital?”

“I’m sorry sir, but err… I don’t understand why the budget of a clinic is more than the budgets of some teaching hospitals. What is the money being used for and why are there no syringes?”

“Sharrap there, are you wiser than the government?”

“No sir, but the first Lady is married to the President and she has no idea, does that mean the president has no idea?”

“Young man, it seems you don’t have any respect.”

“I’m sorry sir, I was just trying to make common sense.”


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