DAY 3: HYPERTENSION – Symptoms and Prevention.




What are the symptoms of Hypertension?


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We are still on the subject of and today we want to look at its symptoms.

Most of the time, in the early stages of the disease many people will not have any symptoms.

They may only discover that they are hypertensive when they routinely have their blood pressure checked.

This is why routine health check up is so important.

Some others may have vague symptoms such as an unexplained headache.

Some pregnant women may also develop hypertension during the course of their pregnancy.
This may or may not go away after delivery.

How can one prevent Hypertension?

Now, let’s look at some of the ways to prevent hypertension.

Being physically active is one of the easiest ways to prevent hypertension.

Be active and .

According to the World Health Organisation, strong evidence shows that individuals who are more active
have lower rates of coronary heart disease, high , stroke, type 2 diabetes and some other
chronic diseases.

You can try brisk walking, jogging or running for about 30 minutes each day for most days in the week.
Learn to relax and take life easy.

What measures are you taking to prevent hypertension? I’d really like to know, please comment below.

Join me tomorrow as we look at more ways to prevent hypertension.

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