Eating habits and Healthy habits for Hypertension (Day 4).

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Food habits to reduce Hypertension

Welcome to Health Check with Dr Gabby.

We’ve talked about the definition of hypertension, causes and symptoms .

Still on some  of the ways we can prevent it, let’s look at .

What we eat is so important in a lifestyle.

A good way of achieving your hypertension diet goal is using the .

Hypertension Dash diet

DASH simply means Dietary approaches to stop Hypertension

Generally a diet that is low in sodium and high in potassium is beneficial in reducing blood pressure.

Avoid adding extra salt to your food.

Take lots of and vegetables. When taking dairy foods, make sure the fat level is low.

Eat  whole grain e.g.oatmeal and brown rice, fish and nuts.

Reduce red meat, sweets and drinks that contain sugar

Avoid fries and fatty food. Make sure the oil used for cooking your food is free.

Healthy habits for Hypertension

Yesterday we talked about exercising

Brisk walking, jogging or running for about 30 minutes each day for most days in the week is a great way to keep hypertension at bay. If you have doubts about the amount of exercise you can cope with, see a doctor first.

Do you smoke? Now is the time to stop.

Also limit your alcohol intake.

Most importantly, regular medical check up is vital to prevent onset of hypertension.

Join me tomorrow as we discuss treatment options for hypertension.

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This is Dr Gabby wishing you a great day.

Stay healthy!

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