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Welcome to Health Check with Dr Gabby.

Yesterday we talked about how to prevent , today we will examine its treatment.

There are various approaches to treating hypertension.

One is lifestyle modification which we examined briefly earlier on when we talked about habits, diet and

Another approach is medication.

Many different classes of drugs  are used for treating hypertension.

They all work in different ways.

Some e.g. work by causing excretion of salt and water,  others work by expanding blood vessels while others cause relaxation in smooth muscles.

All these lead to a reduction in blood pressure

What works for one person may not work for another which is why it is essential to always make sure a doctor prescribes your medication.

In some cases, the doctor may prescribe more than one medication for proper control of the blood pressure.

That being said, let us look at the complications of
the disease.

Hypertension Therapy Complications

When hypertension is untreated or not properly treated, it may affect the brain leading to a .

It may also affect the heart causing heart failure and .

Uncontrolled hypertension can also affect the kidneys leading to .

In these ways hypertension may lead to a coma or death if not properly treated.

However, with proper management the above can be prevented.


Join me tomorrow as we tackle common myths and beliefs people have about hypertension.

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