Mr Governor: What is this I hear?

Mr Doctor: Sir, we are going on strike

Mr Governor: Again?

Mr Doctor: Yes sir.

Mr Governor: So you haven’t learnt your lesson?

Mr Doctor: What lesson sir?

Mr Governor: That I will break your back.

Mr Doctor: Sir, he who is on the ground need fear no fall

Mr Governor: I will seize your salaries again

Mr Doctor: Sir, we didn’t die the last two times you did it.

Mr Governor: What insolence, I will sack you all

Mr Doctor: Yes sir, but you can’t sack our certificates

Mr Governor: What did you just say?

Mr Doctor: Nothing sir

Mr Governor: So you don’t want to beg me?

Mr Doctor: Sir, we have been begging you for 4 years now.

Mr Governor: You people like money, didn’t you swear an oath?

Mr Doctor: Sir, we can’t exchange oath in the market for food

Mr Governor: You people are now market women, carrying placards everywhere

Mr Doctor: Sir, a labourer deserves his wages.

Mr Governor: Meanwhile you were missing in action during the Ebola crisis

Mr Doctor: But we volunteered sir, and remember the strike was a blessing in disguise

Mr Governor: What do you mean by that?

Mr Doctor: Sir, it’s as if you haven’t been in the General hospitals

Mr Governor: Young man what are you saying?

Mr Doctor: Sir, the hospitals are a death trap, when last did you send your doctors for further training?

Mr Governor: Young man, are you questioning my authority?

Mr Doctor: No sir, but when last did you improve their working environment?

Mr Governor: You are so disrespectful, that’s why I will make sure you are all casualised and pay homage to me

Mr Doctor: Sir, would you allow a casual worker deliver your baby?

Mr Governor: Well…

Mr Doctor: So Why are you making your citizens use casual doctors?

Mr Governor: Well, that is not the issue.

Mr Doctor: But that IS the issue sir, don’t you have a pension?

Mr Governor: Of course I do, what has that got to do with anything?

Mr Doctor: Sir, but casual doctors have no right to pensions

Mr Governor: I think I have made you too comfortable, that’s why you dare challenge me

Mr Doctor: That’s new information sir, have you provided us accommodation, transport or welfare?

Mr Governor: You doctors are too proud!

Mr Doctor: Sir, with all due respect, you are too proud!

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