Just yesterday

I laughed at your jokes

You laughed at mine

The trees swayed in the early morning breeze

As light rain fell on the rooftops

I noticed none of these.

Just yesterday

you dropped me at work

I kissed our daughter goodbye as you drove off

I didn’t turn back as I looked forward to the day

I wish I had

The memory won’t go away.

I plopped my stethoscope on my neck

My attention was now for my patients

I would give them my best today

Like I had sworn to do

Yes, nurse bring him in

Hello sir, how do you do?

Yesterday’s gone, oh how It hurts to recall

The sudden realisation, the panic, the phone calls

Shut in this room with only one window

Colleagues in strange suits, keeping a distance

I see the fear in their eyes

I can barely see their hands.

It seems unlikely I would see you again

Our daughter…oh the pain

Where is the sun? How I miss it

All I see is open sky

What do I do, what can I say?

It hurts, why oh why?

(Dedicated to quarantined health workers )

Image courtesy Google search

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