They all looked at each other and wondered why they had each been called to the meeting.

The invitation had been simple enough; they were to speak to the audience about a topic from their individual specialties. They had been carefully selected: A physician, a psychiatrist, a surgeon, a child specialist and a gynaecologist.

The hall was located in a school annex and they were to give the science students a talk about their individual specialties. They had all never been to the school before.
They all arrived early as requested in their invitation cards.
Maybe too early.

They hadn’t seen their hosts yet.

There were no students around.

There was no audience.

The hall was empty except for five of them.

The physician Dr Bello, who was short tempered was becoming annoyed.

‘What sort of arrangement is this?’ He bellowed, asking no one in particular.

Dr Grace, the psychiatrist just looked up at him and continued back at her notes.

The surgeon, Dr Phemi stood up and started pacing, after a few minutes, he walked determinedly to the doors in a bid to open them
and leave.

The doors didn’t budge.

‘Hello, that’s strange’, he muttered under his breath.

Dr Aki, the child specialist noticed what was going on and hurried to help him out. The doors held.

By now all the doctors had hurried to the doors.

Suddenly all the lights in the room went off.

Dr Grace screamed..

Everyone was in a panic, no one knew what was going on.

The voice came out clear from the speakers.

‘Dear Doctors, kindly return to your seats, you can only get out if I allow you to.’

‘Who are you?’ Dr Parker, the gynaecologist, spoke for the first time, in a barely audible whimper.

‘Please sit down if you want to leave this place alive,’ the voice commanded.

They all grabbed the nearest seats.

The voice continued, in a slow even measured tone.

‘Jan 5, 2005, Dr Bello, you gave a patient 1 in 100,000 units of adrenaline instead of 1 in 10,000. The patient died and you wrote 1 in 10,000 in your notes.’

‘July 4, 2007, Dr Grace, a patient was brought to you with suicidal tendencies, you subtly suggested to the patient that he was being a burden to his parents, he took his life the next day.’

‘September 12, 2007, Dr Phemi, after a 12 hour surgery, you remembered you may have left a little gauze in a patient’s abdomen after allowing your assistant to close up while you took a phone call. You didn’t think to check, the young man died after a week.

‘February 14 2009, Dr Aki, because you were on a valentine date, you refused to pick up the call from your emergency nurse. The child brought in that night died.’

‘March 10, 2010, Dr Parker, you chose to perform a caesarean section for a woman without any blood being available, she died from post operative bleeding.’

By now there was total silence in the hall, all the accused doctors looked at each other.The voice continued.

‘Is there any reason why I should allow any of you leave this hall alive today?’

They heard a sound behind them and turned around in horror.

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