There was something eerie about the hospital ward that night, but Lola, the night duty nurse was hell bent on carrying out her plan. She had waited faithfully for this day and couldn’t put off her plan any longer. This was the night her dreams would be realised.

She checked the ward to see if the patient was still there; if the patient had been moved, it would make her plan much harder to achieve – but not impossible.

Thankfully, the patient was still there, attached to the life support machine.
Nurse Lola recalled the day the patient was rushed into the hospital, in a flurry of activity, her case was really bad, she was gasping for breath and holding on to her chest – but that was not what caught Nurse Lola’s attention. There was a convoy of cars outside the Emergency Department, attesting to the importance of this particular patient; but that still, was not what caught Nurse Lola’s attention.

Was she the only one that noticed it? It was so glaring but everyone else seemed to carry on with their work seemingly oblivious of it, but not Nurse Lola.

Now, a plan that had taken her a week to hatch was going to come to fruition.

Nurse Lola quickly broke herself from her reverie and focused on the task at hand, she stepped silently to the patient’s side and lifted the sheet covering her lower body and arms – then she saw it, in all its sparkling glory; the most amazing and expensive (she had checked) diamond ring, almost blinding her eyes. Lola quickly twisted the ring off the unconscious patient’s finger and slipped it in her pocket. Lola turned to exit and noticed the second unconscious patient in the ward. his eyes were open.

They had not been open when she had entered the ward.
Was he now conscious?
What had he seen?

His eyes held hers in a fixed and glazed look, Lola contemplated what to do.

Just then a team of doctors entered the room closing the door behind them.

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