They were outside now, she could feel the warm breeze as he carried her. His arms were moist with sweat and she could hear his heart beating underneath his shirt.

Then he stopped. What was he doing?

She heard the keys, oh he was putting her in the car.

She heard the boot open.

Heartless man, he couldn’t even afford her the courtesy of transporting her to her grave with dignity.

She hated him even more now.

Now she was really going to die – of suffocation.

Maybe this was the time to own up.

Suddenly, she heard the boot shut. Was he having a change of mind?

She heard him open the car door as she was lowered onto the back seat.

She’d not entered the car in two years, so he now had leather seats, this man was rolling.

What was that in the air? Nice! So he’d installed an air conditioner in the car and the air freshener was out of this world!

But back to reality, where was he taking her to?

She heard him muttering under his breath, she couldn’t pick out what he was saying, she only heard ‘oh no, oh no’; this was getting interesting. So he still had some feelings after all.

He was on the phone now talking to someone, he was saying ‘…Its my wife, it’s my wife, I think she’s in a coma!’

That sounded strange, she was no longer ‘woman!’ she was now ‘my wife’. Maria was enjoying this.

The car was slowing down, had they reached their destination? Suddenly she could feel bright lights and the sound of distant sirens. Had he decided to turn himself in at the police station?

Suddenly, the car door was being opened and a voice was asking ‘what happened to her?’

‘Doctor, I don’t know, I think she’s in a coma, she must have fallen and hit her head or something.’

Doctor? So they were in a hospital, he’d brought her to a hospital, so he still cared so much.

Then a thought came to Maria. Was her game over? Surely she couldn’t deceive a doctor!

There was no time to think of a counter strategy, she would play it out till the end. Fight or die!

Her eyes were being opened, suddenly a light was shone into her eyes.

The doctor said something about her pupils being constricted or was it dilated he said?

Her pulse was being checked, a cuff was put round her arm to check her blood pressure.

Surely her game was up!

Then she felt it, a slight prick on her thumb, she wanted to scream and confess that she was just faking it, she was really okay; but that was not all, a tube was being placed on her nose, surely now she would pass out, this was torture.

There were more voices now, she heard her husband sobbing, ‘Doctor will she be okay?’

The useless man must be acting, this was not the husband she knew; the man that had turned her into a punching bag, surely this was someone else.

The doctor asked the husband again how it happened.

‘I wasn’t there doc, but, but she was mopping and I think she slipped and hit her head on the floor.’

Liar, liar! She felt like screaming, but she couldn’t as she was technically in a ‘coma’.

They were holding her arm now, she felt the needle, this was torture! She couldn’t take anymore!

The doctor was talking to her husband now, ‘her situation is very bad’, she heard him say.

So her act was working!

‘I would need you to wait outside now’, he said to her husband.

Suddenly the room was quiet, she was alone with the doctor.

Suddenly the oxygen was removed, the cannula was removed from her arm, she was just lying there.

There was silence, what was happening? Did the doctor think she was dead?

Then she heard him speak.

‘You can open your eyes now Mrs Maria’

Maria froze.

‘I said you can open your eyes now Mrs Maria’, the doctor repeated.

Maria opened her eyes and her heart skipped a beat.

Staring back at her was the most handsome man she’d ever seen…


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  1. To be continued… (I hope!)
    'smelling of different fragrances he hadn't left home with.' – love these words Dr E and so glad to be reading your posts again!
    Anna :o]

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