Mrs Aka was becoming increasingly sick; it was as if being told she had cancer had brought out the full sickness in her. She was becoming increasingly weak and throwing up, the body pains had started becoming unbearable. She couldn’t wait for her next appointment, but the brave woman that she was, she held on till the day finally arrived.

She listened as Dr Seni and his consultant told her the treatment options that were available to her and the side effects that she she should expect, she smiled and told them to go right ahead, her mind drifting to the day her husband died, the tears in his eyes as he told her what he had done. He had done it for them he said.

She was awakened from her reverie by the voice of Dr Seni.

“Mrs Aka… Mrs Aka…” he was saying.

“I’m fine doctor, let’s go ahead.”

“Okay, that will be all for now,” the consultant was saying as he got up to leave.

“Dr Seni can I see you for a minute?” Mrs Aka asked.

They walked to a corner of the clinic.

“I have something important to discuss with you when you have the time.”

Dr Seni still had some things to do and they decided to meet at the hospital cafeteria in the evening.

The cafeteria was deserted when they finally met, which was ideal for Mrs Aka.

“I would like to tell you a little story doctor…” Mrs Aka began.

They were there for the next one hour

Dr Seni’s mouth was agape when she finished her story.

“So what do you think doctor, will you accept it?” She was asking.

Dr Seni was still staring into space.



He couldn’t possibly accept this outrageous proposal!

“I…I…I need to think about it.” Dr Seni stammered.

“No problem,” Mrs Aka said, “take all the time you need.” They parted on that note.

That night Mrs Aka slept like a baby.

Dr Seni tossed and turned on his bed having one nightmare after the other…

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