This is actually the second time I would be talking about Nollywood, read the first humorous article here

The other night, my attention was drawn to a Nollywood (Nigerian) or is it Ghollywood (Ghanaian)film featuring Jackie Apiah and Majid-Michel, a very touching story with a great story line, let me recount the story:

An artist (Majid) was in love with a woman (Jackie) who he had been having dreams about that she was going to die very soon; Jackie in real life had an enlarged heart and had about 72 hours to live except she had a heart transplant.

In one of Majid’s dreams, Jackie had to be rushed to the hospital near dead; the doctor performed CPR (cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)on her, but all to no avail and Jackie died( this was in the dream).

Majid was in an inconsolable state because he was sure Jackie would soon die – his mother tried all her best to get him out of this mood but she was helpless.

Due to her love for her son, the mother wrote a suicide note, took a blade and killed herself in the hospital, instructing the doctor to use her heart for the transplant – so Jackie got a new heart. Let me stop there for now.

Lovely story, nice acting but…poor medical research

1. An enlarged heart, a condition known as cardiomegaly usually implies a failing heart; with a failing heart goes such manifestations as easy tiredness , breathlessness and leg swelling. The typical patient would get tired after taking just a few steps, having to pause frequently to catch her breath, and would be very breathless finding it difficult to hold a conversation. However, Jackie in the movie showed no sign of any of these – she wore the best clothes, did the best makeup, went places and had meetings by herself and even had time to visit her boyfriend Majid in his house – yet she had 72 hours to live!

2. In the scene where the doctor performed CPR on Jackie; he had his hands around or close to her neck and collar – no wonder she died! When performing CPR, the chest compressions are done with the hands placed on the breast bone in the center of the chest. NOT AROUND/ NEAR THE NECK OR COLLAR.

3. The mother killed herself and donated her heart – how touching *insert sob* but some questions come to mind:

I Do you just donate your heart without any compatibility test being done? If the donor heart is not compatible, the poor mum committed suicide in vain.

II. A more likely and compatible donor would have been the girl’s grandma who was featured prominently throughout the film, but the thought never crossed Grandma’s mind.

4. And the Doctor performed the operation: I didn’t know we were so advanced that only ONE doctor can successfully perform a heart transpant! He must have five arms and legs. Another question, have there been any successful heart transplants done in this part of the world?

I would be looking out for more medical scenes in Nollywood films to critique until they start asking for appropriate medical input when writing medical scenes.

By the way, the title of the film is “Who Loves me” (Free advert).

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  1. LOL I always wondered why Nollywood never learnt from Hollywood how to make researches before acting medical scenes. Glad you took it upon yourself to point out the faults. Lovely!

  2. Omg! Doc, I'm always reluctant to seeing home videos i whatever manner. I stumbled upon this movie you talked about and I kept laughing from the start to the finish. A good comedy? …well, yeah.

    How would they research on these "advance" things you just mentioned *blinking* when they do a movie in 3days. 4th day, its in the market.

    I have resolved not to bother myself about them unless I'm in the mood for sinister fun.

    Enlarged heart! that's even better than the one that was shot in the head and he still spoke saying: "ah! you! you shot me. yaaaaay" then died.

    Oh, please remove the "post confirmation" thing. lol. makes one reluctant to commenting…. but i had to comment on this one. lol.

  3. I seriously did attempt to watch "Who Loves Me" Dr E – but gave up ten minutes in.

    Nevertheless I am certain that you sir could perform a heart transplant solo! Some folk are just so damned skilled! :o]

    Anna :o]

  4. I remember seeing one were the Dr said a boy was on life support….. yet all d poor boy had on was an oxygen mask….. lol at 'ah! You shot me'. Dr Erhumu….. all I can say is I tire for our nollywood o!

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