Dr Josh stared at the body before him and yawned; It had been a long, busy and tiring night, he’d had so many patients and needed to rest.

It was a BID (brought in dead) and all Dr Josh had to do was certify the body and leave it to the pathologist to carry out an autopsy. But before this, he had to get what little details he could about the death and examine the body before it was taken away.

Dr Josh hated having to examine a body that was so obviously dead – what was he checking the heart beat for or the respiration? Even a one year old child would know this was a dead body – but he had to do his job.

The body was that of a young man, about the same age as Josh who was said to have suddenly slumped mysteriously and died. He had been in seemingly perfect health.

Dr Josh examined the body mechanically and prepared to cover it up and write his notes, maybe he could still grab a few hours of sleep.
He pulled the sheet to cover the body.

Hello, that was strange – the scar was barely noticeable just behind the left ear, but what made it obvious was the shape, it was shaped like the letter “G”, with raised borders. Dr Josh looked at the scar and froze.
“Are you okay doctor?” the attending nurse asked, looking at him.
He quickly composed himself, smiled and finished.

It was probably the mental exhaustion or the physical work, but Dr Josh didn’t find it too hard to fall asleep. It was a fitful sleep, something gnawed at his subconscious.
Thankfully, he was off the next day and would have enough time to rest.

He was refreshed when he resumed work two days later and quickly got himself consumed by work, he saw all the waiting patients and settled down to do some reading in the call room.

“Doctor there is a BID outside.” The attendant popped her head through the door and announced.

Dr Josh picked his stethoscope and went to examine the body.

It was female, she was cycling and fell off her bike and died; maybe she had a cardiac problem Dr Josh thought. He looked at her face- she was quite beautiful – what a pity.

He would not have seen it if he hadn’t noticed that she was wearing only one earring, it was that fact that brought his attention to that area of her body, then he noticed it.

Nestled just behind her left ear, shaped like a letter “G”, he noticed the scar. Dr Josh checked her age and had to sit down.

As he sat, his hand involuntarily went up his neck, just behind his left ear and he felt it; what he thought was an ordinary birthmark had come to haunt him.
He had little time to ponder about this as he got up and his legs suddenly gave way.

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  1. Ooo-err Dr E! Checked behind my ear after reading this! Phew – no G!

    Erm, I think I should make you aware that you have made me an addict and I am waiting patiently for my twenty-fifth dose…

    Anna :o]

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