When Spouse Beaters lie to Doctors

In the course of a couple of weeks I have come across two cases of spouse beating; one not too severe, the other fatal. And no, I’m not talking about Oscar Pistorius, the olympic athlete.

The first case was a mild drama – A distraught man brought his wife in, saying she had slumped. He was obviously very shaken as he didn’t have time to wear his shoes; he bounded up and down the hospital corridor in an anxious frenzy.

His story: she was feeding their kid and just slumped and became unconscious – just like that. No medical issues nothing.
I looked at her again, there was something wrong about the whole picture before me and something prompted me to ask whether they’d been having issues, he replied in the negative.

Like the… erm… *coughs*… wise doctor I am, I asked the husband to get some things for his wife.

After he left, I turned to the wife. It took a few moments before what I expected to happen happened. Even when it did, I felt a little chill but I kept my composure.

The “unconscious” wife opened her eyes and grinned.

I remained as cool as cucumber. Then she quickly told her story.

Her husband had hit her. It had never happened before and she didn’t want it to happen again, and the only way she could think of stopping the beating was to “collapse”. She wanted her husband to be remorseful and not beat her anymore, she begged me to use my… erm… *coughs*… wisdom to ensure this. Let me stop there.

I read about the second case in a popular online gossip magazine and I realised it was the same patient I had certified dead sometime back.
She was a beautiful girl in her twenties brought in by a police man, her boyfriend had reported that she slumped after complaining of abdominal pains. I saw her in the vehicle, she was already dead. Curious to note, there were bruises around her neck and face.

Heard the boyfriend was arrested. Draw your own conclusions.

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  1. Domestic violence is a scarry sh** . Not like violence on own is not scarry, but the idea of supposedly loved one abusing is mind freezing.

  2. Yea, its really sad when the person you most trust and look upon to defend you in times of danger turns out to be your adversity. Its not only heartbreaking but the highest form of betrayal for your trust.

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