What better way to come back from a long writing hiatus than with a controversial post. I have a little story.

Once upon a time:

A female doctor would walk into the hospital looking all fresh, a faint waft of her perfume filling the hospital corridor with a heavenly fragrance. Her make up, classy but not flamboyant. Her hair neatly packed in place, not a strand astray. Her white coat flawless and glimmering like it was washed in Cinderella world; her shoes going “koi koi” as she walked along the hospital corridor with every one gazing at her in admiration – she had a smile for them too – that was then.

The picture I see now:
A harried mother of two rushes into the hospital, her shopping bag in one hand, her stethoscope in another; her hair – flying in all directions of the compass, her white coat – Did I say white? No, I meant her cream coat, hanging loosely on her body. Don’t bother to look at her shoes because she just grabbed whatever was closest to her feet while rushing to work. She has no smile for you and doesn’t really care if you admire her or not.

What happened?
Are they no longer fashion conscious?
Is medicine no longer exciting?
Are their responsibilities too much these days?
Are they no longer well paid?
Is there no more time?
Am I just being biased?

Finally, if you work in the health sector, has anybody walked up to you and said to you, ” Hey, I admire that female doctor”?

While I hide under a bomb shelter, do you agree with me?

Image: Elite model

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  1. I guess it's the responsibilities and lack of encouragement. You know people these days work just for the money not for the love of what they do. Pity.

  2. Dr E – controversial indeed!

    While it is true that human relationships – as in the need (eventually) to ‘mate’ and procreate the species – is based on sexual attraction – why should a female doctor present herself so in her workplace. Does a male doctor?

    Your questions:

    Is ‘fashion’ an integral part of medicine for female doctors (only?)?

    Can medicine only be exciting for females if they are ‘fashion conscious’ and/or seeking the attention of males – doctors or otherwise?

    In this country (UK) I would say Yes – don’t know about Nigeria.

    In UK I would say ‘Yes’ but income depreciating on a ?daily basis due to recession – again don’t know about Nigeria.

    Not quite sure of the ‘background’ of this question – but response to third question possibly has a bearing.

    Yes! :o]

    No – but I admire both male and female doctors and other health professionals – not because of how fashion conscious or sexually attractive they are (males only here for me) – but because they are damn good at their job.

    I think I should make you aware that I have not long purchased flight ticket to Nigeria – my intention being to find your bomb shelter… (my hair will be tousled, no make-up (honestly rarely use it), scrawling infant under one arm and so on and so forth) :o]

    Anna :o]

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