I call it the immortality complex.

That daring inside most of us in the face of common sense that says though it happens to others it can’t happen to me.

Sometimes, it is not that we want to be daredevils, sometimes, it is just a feeling of helplessness or frustration that brings out that “immortality complex”.

Examples include a diabetic with a very high blood sugar saying “I’m okay, I feel great, nothing can happen to me if I take this highly sugary drink” – then it happens.
Or a person with a very high blood pressure that refuses to take any drugs because he feels “just fine” – until it happens.

Or in this instance between Ronald and Stanley(not real names):

Ronald is a known asthmatic, he goes visiting Stanley and they share some alcohol together. But Ronald is not satisfied – he brings out his cigarette, ” I have to take a puff” he says to Stanley.

Stanley pleads with Ronald not to smoke, at least they’d had some alcohol, that should be enough. Ronald doesn’t heed Stanley’s advice, he goes on to bring out his cigarette and lights it.
He only takes some drags.
Then it happened…

Ronald suddenly couldn’t breathe.
He had developed a sudden asthmatic attack precipitated by the cigarette smoke – Ronald fumbled for his inhaler – there was no improvement.

Stanley frantically got his car and rushed Ronald to the hospital.
By this time, Ronald was already gasping.
In the confusion that ensued, Ronald hit his head and cut it while Stanley was struggling through traffic.
They eventually got to the hospital with Ronald gasping and covered in his own blood.

He died a few minutes later.

Stanley was now confronted with the unpleasant task of calling Ronald’s relatives and finding a way to inform them that Ronald who came to visit him would never be returning home.

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