What age does a woman get to before she really gets worried about her unmarried status?

At what age does this worry become so pronounced that it begins to mess with her mind? At what age does the messing with her mind become so bad that she actually breaks down and loses her mind?

Is that even possible?
Can a woman become mentally deranged simply because she has reached a certain age and is unmarried?

Recall this post about a 38 year old unmarried woman who was having a series of headaches related to her unmarried status

The stench coming from her was so nauseating that I became uncomfortable, she was brought in by her brother.

She had lost her mind.

According her brother, she had worried relentlessly about being unmarried.
She was 45.
She now talked and behaved irrationally.
She refused to have her bath.
She would sit at one spot for days on end.

I tried talking to her – she would talk, then suddenly become quiet as if her mind had left the room, then smile awkwardly.

Who places the burden on such a woman?

Is it the society?
The media?
Or herself?

What is your take on this?


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  1. As a 40 year old woman who is unmarried, but wishes to be, I would guess her condition wasn't about being unmarried, but because of mental illness that already existed, and that is what she fixated on. Obviously, I'm not a doctor, but although at times I can be sad about still being single, it certainly isn't making me go crazy!

  2. I don't think the stigma of being unmarried is quite so bad here in the US, certainly not to this point. In fact, I know plenty of married women who might prefer just the opposite… 😉

  3. In the western world it really is of no issue in the general society apart from pressure one puts upon self.In the African society, I believe society including family puts a lot of pressure on one to get married and the older you are getting the more the pressure becomes intense, more so if you are female.

  4. I am a British citizen living in the UK but of African descent, that does not stop one's family putting pressure on one to get married.

  5. Wow! That's pretty extreme for simply not being married. Today, I think it's more acceptable than ever to not be married – living alone in the US is the fastest growing component of society. Anyway, hope she's OK. Marriage is wonderful if you have a good partner but can also be a nightmare if not. People should appreciate and value their lives – no matter their relationship status.

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