There comes a time…
The foamy lather, and golden crystals
Of Alcohol, in bottle after bottle
No longer gives you that boost you require
Only succeeds in making you feel little.

There comes a time…
Wrap after wrap, of cigar after cigar
Only leaves you with the nausea
The smoke, rising through your lungs
Only succeeds, in quenching your desire.

There comes a time…
Having Belinda, Felicia, Nadia and Patricia
leads to no satisfaction
All become a rottenness to your bones
A rising sense of confusion.

There comes a time…
The dripping fat, of fats and fries
And the sugary coating of pastries
Only causes you to shake your head in rejection
And return all those pennies.

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  1. Mmmmh – although I understand the point you are making here Dr E I tend to disagree…

    Over-indulgence can of course lead to ill-health of both mind and body and thus we reap what we sow…

    …but that said, little indulgences, risk-taking etc. bring richness to life.

    I do not live merely to exist or exist merely to pursue the dream of good health. I live life to the full for the joy of it and an attempt to achieve perfect health is not part of it…

    For if you pursue perfect (physical) health – health is all you have and I would suggest the stress of (attempting) to reach this goal affects mental-health…and takes out the joy of living…and thus you are not necessarily healthy of mind…so have defeated your aims…

    What say you?

    Anna :o]

  2. Thanks Anna, I also get your point. In some aspects of the above, as in all aspects of life, the key should be moderation. In others, it is safer to avoid especially when one thinks of damages on the cellular level. But at the end of the day, we all still die; so one must know on an individual basis what would benefit one.

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