Papa I see you

With your Immaculate white coat

And your stethoscope strung on your shoulder

I hate to give you this jolt

But dear Papa, I don’t wanna be a Doctor.

Papa, I know you have a big hospital

I know you built it from scratch

Rightfully, you expect your son to take over

But here’s a newsflash…

Papa, I don’t wanna be a Doctor.

Papa, quit forcing me to read the sciences

Physics,Chemistry and Biology

Newton’s Laws, Periodic tables and experiments

I have no love for the laboratory

And I know Papa, I don’t wanna be a Doctor.

Papa, I see you married Mom, also a Doctor

And you wonder where I got my genes from

I see this has caused quite a few arguments

And my dear Momma crying some

Just because I don’t wanna be a Doctor.

Papa, I know I’m breaking your heart

What will you tell all your friends

That after spending so much on him

You have a son who all he does is sings

A son who doesn’t wanna be a Doctor.

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  1. Wonderful poem. Both of my boys have made it clear they don't want to be doctors. Which is fine with me. I suspect having both parents who are doctors is a good deterrent.

  2. I would love to be a doctor now but had no thought of it, no dream to be it when young. Such is life, but that said I have no regrets for the path I chose at the time and that was to be a wife and mother. I became a nurse much later in life…

    Anna :o]

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