Hey Doctor, how are you?

You seem awful stressed out today

I noticed a tear at the hem of your coat

Don’t you think you should have it checked?

Don’t worry, I will get someone to check it out for you.

No Doctor, there is nothing wrong with me

Rather I am here to help you out

I have about a thousand troops

All I need to do is make a call

And they would all come running down.

I am Lord and Master of the High Seas

Surely, you would have heard of me

At the sound of my voice the pirates quiver

I was sent to rid the world of evil

I am a very important person as you can see.

I am wealthy beyond measure

I have castles in France, Belgium and Spain

Servants to meet my every pleasure

I have a banquet everynight

Doc, you should come visit me one of these days.

No, Doctor, you cannot stick that needle into me

You obviously don’t know who I am

I’m only here on vacation to help the world

There’s nothing wrong with me

No Doctor; no, don’t do that!

NB: Patients with Grandiose Delusions have an unshakeable belief they are someone very important, usually larger than life ; they also have an engaging personality and are filled with stories that can easily get you carried away. Read more about it here.

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  1. Hah I am familiar with this in my work setting.

    We all have a need to be needed and for those who are 'lost' delusions of grandeur fill this gap, meet a need to be needed, to matter, to be important…

    Anna :o]

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