Have you tried my new delicacy?
Fried and dripping in glimmering oil
The fat, fried to a golden crust
You won’t regret trying this.

I always have a taste of the dishes
To ensure all the ingredients are in their right proportion
I also need to take some cooking home
Afterall, I can’t let it go to waste.

I need to keep up a portly appearance
So my clients can tell from the way I look
That I don’t compromise on their nutrition
How can they tell if I don’t look good?

I spend my life among pastries and sweets
It’s no wonder I’m a full plus size
I can’t do anything about it
It is the life I have chosen.

What Health risks are you exposed to by virtue of what you love doing?


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  1. Open to infection I guess and needlestick injuries and also the physical and emotion abuse that often comes with mental ill-health…

    …also illness/disease that is associated with working night-shift…

    …that said I would not change what I do as I love it.

    Anna :o]

  2. The plastic shelf for Laptop is really innovative, wonder why I didn't think of it first 🙂

    Very true, with our "safe" jobs, we face the risk of living a sedentary life and thus end up with same health risks as others with unhealthy lifestyles if we don't actively exercise.

  3. With writing, one sits on one's fanny entirely too much. It's recommended to get up and move at least ten minutes every hour, but sometimes we get caught up in the writing and forget to do so.

    I have an inexpensive, plastic shelf for my laptop that's attached to my treadmill. I can walk at a slow pace and write. It was a very wise $40 purchase. I can walk up to 90-120 minutes while writing and barely notice. Plus, it's better on my back.

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