Seriously, have you ever tasted your urine?

Well, my patient did – and – he enjoyed it.

Or more precisely, it tasted sweet.

Well, he had enough supply of urine anyway as he Urinated excessively.

That would be Clue 1.

Of serious concern to him was the fact that he could no longer satisfy his wife.

That would be Clue 2.

He did a test before coming to see me that morning which clinched the diagnosis that explains all the above.

That would be Clue 3.

Question : What was the Diagnosis?

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  1. I have tasted my urine. After all it is mine, right? 😐 I still cant say how it tasted :s Will have to carry out more experiments 😉
    Good thing he is aware of his health!
    Diabetes is nasty!

  2. I haven't tasted mine own urine and really don't want to…

    Did taste one of my sons when he was a baby…you know how it goes once the nappy is off and the unexpected fountain…

    Anna :o]

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