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HE DIDN’T HAVE TO DIE. (Stories that touch the Heart.)

That day Dr B woke up, nothing could have prepared him for the series of events that would lead to his untimely death.

Dr B was a privileged child of his parents who are both Doctors, they had ensured he had a world class medical education.

Dr B would probably still be alive if he had not met the patient that day. But he did.

Just when all seemed to be going well – it happened – a physician’s nightmare – Dr B pricked himself with the needle he was using on the patient.

The patient was HIV Positive.

Dr B panicked.

He informed his parents(who are Doctors).

His parents panicked.

Dr B was eventually given some Anti-Retroviral drugs, possibly to prevent any effect or progress of the HIV virus.

Dr B reacted to the Anti-Retroviral drugs and was rushed to the hospital.

Dr B died a few days later from complications of the reaction to the drugs.

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  1. Having been on anti retrovirals for 8 years I can tell you they and their side effects are no joke. It makes me so mad when I hear people say HIV's no big deal anymore because there are meds for it. The meds all have their own drawbacks.

  2. Sad story.

    I have been careless enough to ‘needlestick’ myself probably four or five times. In each case I knew the patients medical history held no horrors, nevertheless I poured over said history several times just to make sure…

    Anna :o]

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