Out of curiosity I checked the top keywords with which my blog posts were found and thought it will be good to put a summary here and useful links.

Note : Search items not edited for grammatical accuracy.

1. Future of medicine:

This post about my vision (used loosely here) of how medicine will be in the year 3012.

2. Awkward doctor stories:

Must be this post about awkward and embarassing moments of being a doctor.

3. Breaking bad true story based

Must be this story of my peculiar way of breaking bad news to patient relatives.

4. Sickle cell diaries:

This poem about the realities of having sickle cell from a sufferer’s point of view.

5. Cartoon doctor and patient:

Awkward moments continued, but this time from the patient’s point of view.

6. Cute Black Babies:

Must be this hilarious post about a lady who wasn’t sure who the father of her baby was

7. keep out of the reach of children:

Sad story about a teenager who committed suicide.

8. How to know before study medicine:

This post about things I wish I knew before studying medicine.

9. My wife superwoman photos:

Here I talked on the challenges of being a single mother and a good doctor.

10. Cartoon cat’s face:

Talked about Cancer here. How crafty it is and the subtle way it creeps into people’s lives.

So there it is, but I would really like to know how YOU discovered my Blog.

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