They came in a group, fierce looking men, all armed. There was no means of escape.

Everybody took to the floor.

There are two places I believe armed robbers should not operate – Houses of worship and hospitals.

Apparently, these robbers didn’t get that memo.

They asked for the M.D; everyone denied knowing where he was. Angry, they proceeded to the hospital cashier to help themselves with some cash.

Then, they systematically started to dispossess both patients and staff of their valuables. Mariah and Kenny, looking down at the scene below, ran upstairs to the top floor where I was staying.

I was oblivious to the happenings downstairs.

“Doctor, Doctor, please open up”, they whispered. I opened up my door to let them in while they hurriedly told me what was happening.

You can guess what I did next, I charged angrily down the stairs with my needle poised and confronted the robbers…ehm, no.

Instead I did the brave thing: I locked the door and switched off the lights while we all huddled together in a corner, quiet and hoping for the best.

The robbers got to the first and second floors where they met patients who pretended to be more sick than they really were and nurses who faced a dilemma: should they pretend to be patients so they would be left alone or should they pretend to be really good nurses whom their patients couldn’t do without?

The robbers finally finished their operation and turned to leave without getting to the top floor. They didn’t get to my room and they didn’t see the M.D who was among those lying flat on the ground floor.

He had denied himself.

Who was the greater coward, the M.D or I?

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