Did I lock the door?

I’m not so sure

Its just been a few minutes

I’ve not walked too far

Will go back and check it.

There! Its locked. That’s good

Now I’m sure, I can leave

Time to continue on my way, I’m running late…

…Wait! Am I really sure?

What if I turned the key without locking it?

Must go back again

But this time wash my hands

For surely, they’ve been soiled

Slight stain on the side

A good scrub should wash it off.

There! Hands Clean, time to go…

…Wait! Did I just touch the toilet handle?

Can’t possibly leave with hands contaminated

I have to start all over again

Have to wash my hands over again.

NB: The Oxford handbook describes Compulsions as senseless, repeated rituals. And Obsessions as stereotyped, purposeless words, ideas, or phrases that come into the mind.

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