It is rare to have a patient give you a gift.

It is even rarer to have a gift worth thousands of dollars.

It is most unlikely to have a gift in the form of real estate.

I remember the day I met Mrs W; She came in with abdominal pains of a non- specific type. Fortunately, I was in one of my rare ‘good doctor’ moods.

Mrs W was middle aged and slightly frail – there was something about her which made me want to help her to the best of my ability.

I took the necessary history of her condition and went on to give her a thorough examination.

That was when I found it – hidden in a corner of her anatomy – a suspicious lump.

Mrs W had Breast cancer, and it was spreading.

Suddenly, a previous diagnosis of an ulcer had suddenly turned into one of the most feared conditions.

I wrote my notes, referred Mrs W appropriately and consequently forgot about her.

But she didn’t forget about my accidental discovery, she sought me out on another visit to the hospital.

Her appreciation knew no bounds, she called me out to thank me for discovering the true cause of her health problems, and she wanted to give me a token of her appreciation.

That token was a land in an exclusive area.

That was when it all began: The visits to the surgeons, the chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, loss of weight, continuos illnesses, travelling and referrals to other facilities.

Mrs W died before she could fulfill her promise.

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